Asian Happy Hour

Asian Happy Hour (formerly known as Viet Happy Hour) is a monthly gathering of young Asian-American professionals who are involved in community, leadership, non-profit and social justice. It’s really simple. Meet up once a month for happy hour. No work. No agenda. No business. Just happy hour. But there are some rules.

  1. You must identify as Asian-American. We originally used the one-drop rule but decided to nix it after so many of us fainted from the blood test. This can include friends and members from the Pacific Islander community; again, it’s just how you identify.
  2. No undergraduates! This isn’t homework club (And besides, most of us failed biology and work for non-profits. Do you really want our help?). Grad students are permitted; your life sucks more than us in non-profit and we sympathize.
  3. Anytime you talk about work, you will get punched in the face. This may sound harsh, but is actually good practice for the Asian Fight Club every third Tuesday of the month.

Why Asian Happy Hour? Asian-Americans experience many unique challenges and opportunities, such as parents who were refugees, or navigating prejudice in the professional world. Asian Happy Hour, or AHH!!!, provides a place for emerging leaders and civic-minded professionals to support one another.

What do you do at AHH? We hang out, eat and drink, and  help each other answer questions like Why is my face turning red!? (Stop drinking) or My boss thinks I’m Korean, what to do? (Try tequila shots instead of soju!).

Just for Asians? That’s racist. Stop saying it’s racist just because it’s “For Asians.” On rare occasions, we have allowed non-Asians to come hang out, but this requires a rigorous initiation process where we draw a “A” on your chest and make you swear an oath to uphold a hundred years of Asian-American history and tradition. And you have to pronounce phở correctly.

Come on…seriously? Phở real.

What exactly do you mean by “young” professionals? There isn’t a hard and fast rule for this. Basically, as long as you’re younger than the oldest person at AAHH, you’re good (let it sink in).

You’ve convinced me. How do I sign up? Contact me and I’ll add you to our mailing list! I send out reminders AAHH once a month, and may occasional invite you to community events too.


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