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I love hearing from readers and friends! Send me your comments and questions and I will do my best to reply in a timely manner, especially if they pertain to you giving me money. @NigerianPrince, I gave you my SSN and birth certificate months ago! Where’s my cut of your inheritance!!!

No spam though, please. Over the years I’ve gotten some pretty bizarre inquiries, which are hi-larious!

“Do you have the phone number for the president of Vietnam? It is urgent that I speak with him.” Sorry, I’ll only trade that information in exchange for the POTUS’ number…or Russel Wilson. 

“I’m looking for a good funeral home in Saigon, do you know of any?” Have you tried to Bing It? Of course you didn’t, Bing sucks. @Microsoft, if you sponsor my blog I will happily write “Google Sucks” instead.

“I just bought a piece of artwork from Vietnam and need to get an appraisal, can you help?” Nope, but I will send you a framed, autographed original from Playing Asian: The Comic for $500. Ok fine, $200. Price of postage? PLEASE!!!


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