Introducing The Asian Slant

Hi everyone! So I’ve been thinking about this long and hard about this–it was seriously the hardest, most agonizing, 6 minutes of my life…ever–and decided to reboot the blog with a brand-spanking new name! I’m pleased to announce “The Asian Slant”.

When I first started the “Playing Asian” blog, my intention was to explore what it means to play, learn, and be Asian-American based on my personal experiences and observations. Growing up in a suburban neighborhood, I didn’t have much exposure to other Asian Americans, and often times avoided many of them in school. The title described the silly, and often times frustrating, tension of a bicultural identity…like eating hot pot on Christmas. I’m really proud of some of my early posts, ranging from topics like Asian social etiquette, the sometimes craziness of living and loving Asian parents, and even why karaoke is awesome.

But by and large, the writings that I have enjoyed the most are the ones that critically, and playfully, explored social justice issues within and around the Asian American community. I’ve had the opportunity to write about personally meaningful topics like youth development, effective leadership, cross-cultural competency, and hipster bashing (though I’ve calmed down a bit in recent months).

The blog has been a catalyst for some really engaging and thoughtful conversations about the Asian American identity and experience. It’s also provided me with some great source material. I would have never organized a kick ass Asian singles event (and written about it) without some pushing and prodding from friends.

As my writing has grown, I realized the name “Playing Asian” no longer reflects the content of this blog. I’m not some fake Asian person speaking on topics that I know nothing about…like Bill O’Reilly on women’s issues or Bill Maher on Islam. Nope. These experiences have been personal, intimate and authentic. I believe many other Asian Americans share these experiences too, yet there are so few outlets that accurately portray the Asian American community.

This brings me back to the new title. “The Asian Slant” intentionally means many things. “Slant” can mean a particular point of view from which something is seen or presented. The topics, themes and content of this blog do indeed articulate my point of view as an Asian American. The content isn’t specific or limited to just Asian Americans though. I think many people, regardless of their background, have had success and challenges with school, work and life balance, bullying, dating, etc. “The Asian Slant” simply describes these experiences from the perspective of one Asian American.

But “slant” also touches upon the racial undertones of what it feels like to be an Asian person living in the United States. I’m sure at some point or another, every Asian person has directly experienced prejudices and oppressive systems which continue to marginalize our community. Our words, experiences, and voices have been twisted, misunderstood or simply ignored—from racist comments of having slanted eyes, to being called a twinkie or banana just because we don’t conform to certain expectations and stereotypes. Some people don’t even think we’re American! For crying out loud mom, I was born in California. You were there. What more proof do you want?

Even with the new title, this blog will continue to explore all of these themes and perspectives. There’s so much richness and amazing experiences the Asian American community has to offer, and many more opportunities for us to continue growing and learning. I sincerely hope it’s well received, and that it continues to spark fun, engaging and meaningful dialogue–please share.

Are you still confused about what an “The Asian Slant” is? Don’t worry, the helpful picture guide below will explain other common types of slants–none of which have anything to do with Asians. And if you’d like to learn more, subscribe to this blog to get regular updates. Oh, btw, the new address is, or find me on Facebook!

Not an Asian Slant

This is a wonderful kitchen tool, but few Asians ever have need for a cheese grater.
football slant
The slant route is dangerous with proper execution. But unfortunately, you don’t see many Asians in the NFL.
slant acronym
S.L.A.N.T – This helpful mnemonic device is actually what helps many Asian students succeed in school.
Nope. This isn’t an Asian Slant, but does look very comfortable and relaxing.
How is he even doing this? It’s like magic.
Hell no!
No Asian Slant here. Just a bunch of White folks with poor eye sight

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