How to be a Good Lil Asian: Rules and Norms that guide Social Etiquette

Hello everyone. This has been a crazy week at work; every night has gone until at least 7:30 pm—from board meetings to community meetings. One of the challenges of social justice and equity work is that it can be very exhausting at times. You can only talk about civic engagement, race and equity, housing policy, community development, etc. for so long before your brain shuts down and your body curls up hoping that someone, anyone, will swaddle you. Though it’s been exhausting, I constantly have to remind myself to have fun and take this work one step at a time.

But life isn’t all work; we need some play time too. It’s Friday, which means everyone should be going out and having fun! Like…bubble tea, or taking pictures of your food, or attending Asian Happy Hour. To help out, I’ve compiled a list of posts about Asian Americans and social etiquette–just to make sure no one does anything unbecoming of an Asian American.

Rules to Determine Who Pays on Dates, Lunches, Dinner and more
Read this if you’re ever out with friends or on a date. There are rules that govern our behavior, particularly when it comes to who pays the bill. Ignoring these rules has consequences. It may attract a swarm of unemployed hipsters to your community, like locusts who feed upon counterculture and irony.

How to decide where and what to eat
Ever been in a situation where you need to decide where to eat or what to order, but everyone was being super non-committal? It’s probably a result of being either a Seattlelite or Asian. Whatever the reason, here are some tips to determine what to do in these types of situations.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Asian Flush
If you’re Asian, you probably know what it feels like to get red in the face. Not because you farted, but because you probably just had a shot of cough syrup. Hello Asian flush. This post will tell you how to manage a flush with dignity.

Winning pickup line for Asians, Activists and Nonprofit workers
Disable your OkCupid account. Put away your Tinder app. These winning pick-up lines will turn your boringness into awesomeness. And if they don’t work, then you have my permission to take Tinder back out.

5 terrible mistakes I made with women and how you can avoid them
Pick-up lines may be fun and all, but don’t get carried away—especially all you guys out there. When it comes to women (all people actually), it’s important to show respect and support. Basically, don’t be a jerk. Here are some mistakes I have personally made and what I learned.

We’re Not on Asian Time!
Have you ever had a co-worker come 10 minutes late to a meeting? Or a friend who texts you that they’re running behind. Or a date who thought you were meeting up next week. There’s a word for that, Asian time—and it sucks. Here are the dos and don’ts of Asian time.

How To Be a Good Host
Asians are famous for being great hosts. We will always feed you, even if you’re full. Some of the most legendary Asian hosts of all time have also been known to massage your feet and give you a warm towel. They might even do your taxes for you over dinner. But don’t be intimated by this, anyone can be a good host—here’s how.


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